2024 ShootOut

Wednesday September 6th @ 4:00pm

Why we have a ShootOut: To encourage our league members to engage in the league beyond playing each week, we established a ShootOut where league members earn points by participating in league activities.  The 20 members with the highest points following the Top/Bottom event will qualify for the ShootOut.

What is a ShootOut: 10 qualified players tee off on hole number 1 (for example) and another 10 qualified players tee off on hole number 5. Handicap (Bumps) are used for this event.

As you finish each hole, the player or players with the highest ‘net’ score of that hole, will be eliminated. At the end of nine holes, there will be 2 players remaining, one from each group. Those 2 players will play a playoff hole, the person with the lowest net score of that playoff will determine the ShootOut Champion.

How to  qualify: Throughout the season, you will acquire points based off of the following criteria. The top 20 players with the most points at the end of the season will qualify for the ShootOut. In the event of a tie, we may have a few more than 20 players.

Point Values: Points values were assigned based on the effort/time commitment needed or to encourage league members to attend critical events/meetings.  Each week, you can acquire points based off of the following items listed below.

  • 4 Points – Being a member on the League’s Board of directors
  • 3 Points – Attending a business meeting – typically 2 held each year (Spring and Fall).
    • You must attend the entire meeting.  For members that leave early, they will forfeit the points for that meeting.
  • 3 Points – Participating in a shotgun event
    • If  there is an event (shotgun or non-shotgun) where we need to limit the number of golfers, no points will be awarded for that event.
  • 2 Points – Being on a planning committee (Spring Banquet, Fall Banquet, Club Championship Committee)
    • Members will only receive 2 points regardless of how many committees they are on.
  • 1 Points – Donating to a banquet event (Spring Banquet, Fall Banquet, Rally for the Cure)
    • Donations must be a minimum value of $20 and can be either cash, gift card, or physical item (golf balls, apparel, gift basket, etc.)  Members will receive 1 point for each event they donate to but only 1 point per event.
  • 1 Point – Playing each week (non-shotgun events)

What do I receive if I qualify: Just for qualifying, you will receive a cash prize. The farther you make it into the round, the more money you will acquire.

In the event of a tie: There will be a closest to the hole ‘chip off’ between players who tie with the highest ‘net’ score on any given hole.

Download the ShootOut flyer here