By registering for 2023 Match Play, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You must have an established 18-hole handicap. Maximum allowable handicap for match play is capped at 44.  If your handicap is higher than that, you may still enter, but the maximum of 44 will be used.
  • All players MUST be willing to play during any day of the week including weekends to accommodate all  members.  If you cannot commit to a schedule such as this, please do not enter. Matches must be played by certain dates to keep the tournament bracket moving and finished by the end of the season.
  • The first 32 ladies to sign up for this event will be allowed to participate.  Once 32 participants have been signed up, further registrations will be closed.
  • Entry fee is $25.00 and will guarantee you to play a minimum of 2 rounds.

Match Play Notes:

  • There will be one flights and pairings will be randomly drawn at the Spring Banquet!
  • Both players should make sure that they are using their current handicaps.
  • Matches are to be played from red markers unless both players agree to play from another set of tees.
  • A normal match is 18 holes, but players may decide to play any number of holes to determine the winner.
  • Players get 100% of their handicap up to a maximum of 44.  Please use the red handicap ratings at the bottom of the scorecard to determine where your bumps fall. 
  • Flip a coin to determine which player tees off first.
  • Prior to the start of your round- determine how to handle a tie: sudden death, 9 extra holes, coin flip, score card play-off, etc.
  • All league drop areas will be in play, according to league rules.         
  • In the case of a rule in question, play two balls and keep track of both scores.  This may or may not affect the match.  You can get a ruling from Jeff Tollette or refer to a rules book.
  • Be sure to fill in a legible scorecard containing names, scores, date, and signatures.
  • Enter your own scores into the GHIN App, using hole-by-hole procedures.
  • Update the Match Play Bracket and let Ashley or Nancy know the results of your match. The  bracket will be posted in the ladies lower level bathroom. This way each player knows who they will be playing next and when that match needs to be played by.